Our Services

Our Process

Do you know what your home could be telling potential buyers? That’s when we come in with the ‘WOW factor’. We place furniture and accessories in a way that highlights the great features of your home while minimizing any issues. Showcasing your home is the ultimate marketing tool. It reveals your home at its best while establishing a solid connection with Prospect Buyers. Once your home is staged, it is then in the ideal position to sell quickly and most importantly for a greater value.

We stage to sell and decorate to dwell. Wow Staging specializes in choosing staging colors that appeal to buyers, and décor colors that appeal to you in your home. As stagers we often find sellers are so thrilled with their experience selling their home, they continue the process into their new property. We at Wow Staging are happy to support your relocation with its Certified Color Consultant™ designation and passing on our preferred vendor savings to you.

A consultation is the first step to help you achieve your ultimate selling goal. This process offers specific written recommendations for each space including but not limited to curb appeal as well as all interior spaces. These recommendations are intended to make your home “move in ready” to meet the expectations of today’s demanding and discriminating buyer in a competitive market. Together we identify priorities and develop an action plan which along with recommendations will help you to place your property in the market with the best value.

Completion of the “To do” list to address the recommendations. Depending on your budget and/or time constraints, these tasks can be completed by you, project managed by us, or a combination of both. We always prefer and try to use your furniture and accessories but if required we can bring in our own inventory that you may rent for a modest fee. So call us today to get started.

Vacant Home Staging

Statistics have shown that staged homes look better and sell faster than comparable properties that are not prepared for sale. One main component is turning a HOUSE into a HOME.

Occupied Home Staging

Open your door to one of our designers who is skilled at creating comfortable living areas with a designer touch using strategic design to obtain huge transformations.


Interior Redesign

Allow us to redesign your home, and making the most of the space you have using existing furnishings, and recommendations on purchases of new items to enhance your living space.


Our Home Staging Consultation provides a walk-through of your home and identifies specific things you need to showcase your home’s best features to enhance your property and ready for sale.