Creating a Lasting Impression


Our mission is the WOW Factor!

That’s when we come in with the ‘WOW factor’. We place furniture and accessories in a way that highlights the great features of your home while minimizing any issues. Showcasing your home is the ultimate marketing tool. It reveals your home at its best while establishing a solid connection with Prospect Buyers. Once your home is staged, it is then in the ideal position to sell quickly and most importantly for a greater value.

One of our happy customers!

Professional Staging Services

Vacant Home Staging

Statistics have shown that staged homes look better and sell faster than comparable properties that are not prepared for sale. One main component is turning a HOUSE into a HOME.

Occupied Home Staging

Open your door to one of our designers who is skilled at creating comfortable living areas with a designer touch using strategic design to obtain huge transformations.


Our Home Staging Consultation provides a walk-through of your home and identifies specific things you need to showcase your home’s best features to enhance your property and ready for sale.

Interior Redesign

Allow us to redesign your home, and making the most of the space you have using existing furnishings, and recommendations on purchases of new items to enhance your living space.

Get the WOW Factor.. like them!

From start to finish was smooth and effortless. They truly took the time to understand me and my aesthetic. I'm so incredibly happy with the end result in my home. Beauty, brains, and a creative spirit... Look no further than WOW Staging.